as far as i can remember alanguilan.com was registered in 1998. i was going to start an it business and it needed a domain name. the company name i picked was registered under a .com already so i just chose alanguilan.com. i found it cool to have my name as a domain name.

today, the business is still up but in a much smaller scale and is much more personal. i like it this way and i feel that the clients like it as well.

the business has slowly widened its focus from the web and the internet to include computer hardware and networks as well.

alanguilan.com has slowly varied its content as well. from housing my business site, it now contains my brother's work, ilyn's papercraft business and my dad's official website. the site became more personal in that sense. i'm sure i'll add more sections in the future. it is a family .com after all.

see you back soon.

— noel