Frequently Asked Questions

Hello! I resisted the idea of having an FAQ here in my site because there was a time I felt I could answer all questions sent to me by email. However, the volume of email I have received in the past few years have multiplied to the point that I can no longer cope, much to my chagrin.

Most people have very similar questions which I had already answered to someone several times before. It's so time consuming to answer the questions all over again so I thought I'd finally give in and do an FAQ. So here it is.

1.  How did you get started in comics?
2.  How can an artist break into comics?
3.  Can you give me a brief history of Philippine Comics?
4.  Can you discuss the current state of Philippine Comics?
5.  Can you teach me to draw comics/can I be your apprentice?
6.  Do you hate manga?
7.  Can you give a talk at our school?
8.  What was the first komiks story that was made into a movie/TV series?
9.  Can you give a list of komiks to screen adapatations?
10. Can I send my work to you for critique?
11. Can apply for a job with you or Komikero Publishing?
12. Can you autograph my comic book?
13. Where can I buy a copy of Wasted?
14. Where can I buy copies of your comics?
15. What happened to the Wasted Movie?
16. When is Elmer #4 coming out and will there be a compilation?
17. If I tag you with a blog meme will you answer?
18. Do you sell original comics art?
19. Can we meet?
20. Can I interview you personally?
21. Who are your influences?
22. What do you forsee for the future of Philippine comics?
23. What advice can you give to aspiring artists?
24. Singel ka koya?
25. Why do you write your stories in English?
26. Is there such a thing as "Filipino Comics Art"?
27. How do you create your comics?
28. Why did you create the online comics museum?
29. What do you think was Lee’s motivation to create such famous superheroes we know today?  Was the style of how Stan Lee wrote his comics different from other writers in Marvel and from different companies? Did his style contribute heavily to his comics’ success?

If you don't see your question here, please feel free to email me:
gerryalanguilan at yahoo dot com

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