Alfredo Alcala

DIMAS Part 24
Liwayway Komiks Supplement
December 17, 1951
Liwayway Publications, Inc.
Copyright 2005 Christian Voltar Alcala

After World War 2 the comics section of Liwaway became so popular (as did comics as a whole) that a separate and detachable comics section was produced along with the main magazine. Many of the top writers and illustrators worked for the magazine including Francisco V. Coching, Mars Ravelo, Fred Carrillo and Alfredo Alcala.

On this particular issue, the printing wasn't particularly good and colors did not print exactly where they should have.  I thought I'd take a stab at restoring a full color page. I approached this project with the thought of preserving as much of the original colors as I could but at the same time I felt I had to tweak it a little bit to compensate for some coloring imperfections of the print, as well as employing a bit of artistic sensibilites that hopefully make it more aesthetically pleasing.  I tried not to change too much that would change the look totally and I absolutely avoided any modern coloring techniques that would be out of place in an early 1950's comic book.

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