Featured Articles
I've written a lot of things on this blog for the last 10 years. Here's a shortlist of those
that  I feel are worth collecting here.
The Komiks Congress: An Analysis
February 7- July 24, 2007
The Value of Opinion
A Commentary on Anonymous Writers
February 5, 2006
The Filipino Comics Artist and Manga
August 11, 2006
Why Write in English?
June 7, 2006
Don't Sell Yourself Short
Exploitation and Self Exploitation in Comics
May 27, 2006
New York Walking!
An account of my trip to New York City
July 1999
Breaking into Comics
January 20, 2006
San Diego Comicon 1999
An account of my trip to San Diego for the convention.
July 1999
Preserving a Legacy
and The Revival of an Industry
September 27, 2005
Mountain Crazy!
An account of my Mt. Lumot climb in San Pablo City
April 21, 2000
Making Mini-Comics
April 12, 2006
A Hidden Bigotry
Prejudice in Music
July 1999

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