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Ruben Yandoc
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Ruben Yandoc Goga by Ruben
                            Yandoc Don El Oro 29: Unang Labas Si Juan at ang 7
                            Tamad by Ruben Yandoc Patapon Saan Nagsimula
                            ang Christmas Tree DAGUL
                            Devil To Pay

Ruben Yandoc also known as "Rubeny"
originally from
Sto. Rosario, Minalin , Pampanga, was a Filipino Komiks writer and artist who did extensive work for Philippine Komiks as well as Marvel and DC Comics in the United States.


Ruben Yandoc was a prolific artist, working on numerous comics stories for Philippine comics from the 1950's onward. He collaborated with writers like Deo Gonzales (Saan Nagsimula ang Christmas Tree) and Clodualdo Del Mundo (29), but he often wrote and illustrated his own stories including "Goga", "Don El Oro", "Si Juan at ang 7 Tamad", "Dagul", "Patapon" and many more.

Yandoc's most popular creation in the Philippines was "Mr. Wong", which was adapted into a motion picture starring Chiquito in 1964.

In the United States he worked for Warren Publishing and Marvel, but he became well known for his unique and quirky cartoony work on many of DC's Horror titles including Ghosts, House of Mystery, House of Secrets, Secrets of Haunted House, Unexpected, Weird Mystery Tales, Weird War Tales and Witching Hour.

Thank you very much to Zeny Naguit for the photographs and additional info.