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Babaing Bakulaw Babaing Bakulaw Huling Pasko Niligawan Ako Ng Amerikano CrossGen Chronicles 1984: ANGEL 1984: Messiah 1984: Messiah
Rudy Nebres knew at an early age that he had a talent for drawing. He took formal training in Fine Arts and to support his studies, he did freelance work illustrating comics stories for Bulaklak Publishing.

Further honing his technique through study and experience, he found work with ACE Publications and  Graphic Arts Service (GASI), where he worked on various stories including Babaing Bakulaw for Espesyal Komiks with writer Galo Burgos, Ang Paborito ni Linda on Hiwaga Komiks with writer Mer. A Abella, Nakabakas sa Langit for Pioneer Komiks with writer Angel Ad Santos, Suicide Sammy for Aliwan Komiks with writer Greg Igna de Dios and so many more.

Nakabakas Sa Langit, Pioneer Komiks 1966Rudy Nebres found work with DC Comics when DC Comics publisher Carmine Infantino and Editor Joe Orlando visited the Philippines on a scouting trip.  He was given assignments on such DC mystery titles likeThe Unexpected, House of Secrets and Ghosts, but otherwide did fewer work for DC than might be expected.

Rudy migrated to the US in 1975 and promptly found much more success when he started working for Marvel Comics on such prestigious titles like Dr. Strange, The Avengers, Deadly Hands of Kung Fu, King Kull, Conan, Red Sonja, Hulk, John Carter of Mars, and Sheild.

He found much further acclaim when he started working for Warren Publishing on Vampirella, 1984, and 1994 where he turned in stories that represented an extraordinary evolution in his art characterized by profuse, graceful hatching, dynamic figurework and imaginative compositions.

He next spent 10 years working with Neal Adams for Continuity Studios doing storyboards and animatics, but was able to work on Continuity comics titles like Armor, Toyboy, Megalith, Ms. Mystic and Samuree as well.

He went freelance again afterwards and has since worked on a variety of titles and companies like Spiderman, Conan and Punisher for Marvel, as well as a Negation one shot in an issue of Crossgen Chronicles for Crossgen Comics in 2002.

Rudy released "The Art of Rudy Nebres", a collection of fan commissions in 2000 published by SQP Inc.

Rudy currently resides in New Jersey with his wife Dolores. They have 2 children Melvin and Edwin.