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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Jun Lofamia
Spot Illustration for "Ang Puso ng Ina"
Written by Ana Maria Aceveda-Bacudio
Liwayway, March 27, 2006

Sometimes I just can't wait for the new issue of Liwayway for a new batch of some really terrific art by some of our best illustrators working today. This is one of the best things I've seen Jun Lofamia do. I swear, he just keeps on getting better as time goes on. I can pretty much say the same for Rico Rival:

Rico Rival
Spot Illustration for " Si Mahala ay Nakaligtas"
Written by Teresita Manaloto-Magnaye
Liwayway, March 27, 2006

Both Jun Lofamia and Rico Rival have been working as illustrators for comics and magazines since the 1960's. To see them still going strong and doing some of the best work of their lives well into the 2000's is a truly great thing.

Many artists, as they get older, sort of lose steam and their art doesn't seem as good as it was before. It's probably just a result of reduced physical stamina and ability, or a loss of drive and desire, but it remains as a matter of concern for someone like me who will be in their shoes one day.

I really wish I can still give my all and never lose the desire when I get old. I don't want to become just another bitter old artist reminiscing about how good the good old days were, pining for past glories, no longer having the fire even though I'm still strong enough to work.

That is why my admiration knows no bounds for these artists, as well as Romeo Tanghal, Dell Barras, Hal Santiago, Floro Dery, Alex Niņo, Tony DeZuniga, and many other artists of our earlier generation who still keep at it and still keep pushing and challenging themselves. It's very inspiring!