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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I've received messages asking that I bring back the comments section of this blog. A lot of the visitors appreciated that I'm reachable, and they are able to get in touch with me directly. Yeah, I really did like the interactivity this blog had when I had not only one but two commenting systems installed. When those services acted up, I decided to remove them entirely. I sort of missed it, but when I realized it gave me a little bit more time to actually do some comics work, I began to rethink it.

I spend a lot of time composing things I wish to say in this journal. Sometimes some posts take me half a day to do. It's great when comments come in and I appreciate the discussions that spring from it. When I get caught up in a particular discussion, it really takes a lot of time and it more often than not, it makes me spend much more time online than I should. Some discussions wipe me out, specially when I notice my points aren't really being listened to and understood, and I'm made out to have said things I haven't.

It had been suggested to me to just let the original post speak for itself, and that I should just let discussion about it go without me having to participate. But I really can't bear not to respond, specially when I'm asked a question. I'm just that kind of guy. I don't know how other bloggers do it, seeing a huge discussion in their blogs and they don't respond at all, even direct questions. If I had time to spare I'd gladly join discussions, but it really just a lot of time from me, time I should have used making more comics.

So I just decided not to bring back the comments section after all. Anybody who still wishes to comment on what I said, or just ask me a question, there's nothing more direct than emailing me personally, and you getting a personal reply from me. I'm always reachable by email and most of the time, I do respond. There are times when I don't though, circumstances being as listed in the contact page. Sometimes I forget (I'm forgetful), sometimes I'm just too busy, or maybe your message put me off for some reason. But I read them all, and more often than not, I do respond.

If you wish to discuss matters of comics with other people, there's always the two message boards I maintain, the Philippine Komiks Message Board or the PKMB, and the Komikero Comics Message Board, both of which I visit and post regularly.