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Monday, January 22, 2007

Mark Cerbo, Azrael Coladilla, Harvey Tolibao, Gerry Alanguilan, Edgar Tadeo, Jay Anacleto, Dennis Crisostomo, Ryan Orosco, Carlo Pagulayan, Gilbert Monsanto, Jeff Huet, and Leinil Francis Yu.

Comic Book Signing/Sketching
Comics Odyssey
Robinson's Galleria
January 21, 2007

The official guest list included only Philip Tan (Spawn), Gilbert Monsanto (Sacred Mountain), and the elusive Jay Anacleto (Aria, Marvels 2). I went to the store so I could see Philip Tan, who was coming back to the Philippines for a vacation (and a dentist appointment?). I also wanted to see Jay, who we call "Efren", because we see so very little of him. The last time I saw him was at the 1st Philippine Komikon in 2005. I was also delivering copies of both Elmer #1 and #2, because the store had already sold out of copies.

Pretty soon, literally everyone was there. Leinil Francis Yu (New Avengers) arrived, as well as Carlo Pagulayan (Incredible Hulk).

Philip Tan and Gilbert Monsanto

Jay Anacleto

Edgar Tadeo (Avalon colorist/inker) also arrived, as well as inkers Dennis Crisostomo and Jeff Huet, fantasy artist Hannibal, artists John Becaro, Randy Valiente, Reno Maniquis, Joanah Tinio, Melvin Calingo (Taga-Ilog), Ryan Orosco, Joel Chua and Harvey Tolibao. I might be missing someone, but a lot of people arrived.

Gerry Alanguilan, Gilbert, Philip, Ryan Orosco

Dennis Crisostomo, Carlo Pagulayan, Ryan

Jeff Huet, Leinil Francis Yu, Ryan, Jay Anacleto, Carlo

And hey, look at that... video! (Sorry, can't help it.)

Hang on as I'll be uploading a better quality version at Live Video very soon. I'll just add it right here when it comes up.

It's very nice to see the guys again. It's almost like a Starfire Studios reunion. Starfire is the studio Whilce Portacio established back in the mid 90's here in the Philippines. Only Whilce himself is missing, as well as Roy Allan Martinez.

Thanks to Comics Odyssey owner Sandy Sansolis. Thanks to Ryan Orosco for most of the pics!