Barbie's Cradle. Photo by Jim Ayson. Thanks Jim!
Barbie's Cradle: The Dance
'And that I christened... Barbie's Cradle'
by Daphne Torio
"...Following is their very first single, "The Dance". The song, which maybe the most popular one that was written because of the comic book "Wasted" done by the Filipino comic book writer, Gerry Alanguilan."

Hard Rocking Cradle
by Daphne Torio
"...Barbie being the main songwriter of the band writes prolific songs that are usually inspired by daily life experiences or even stories of other people. "The Dance" written based from the comic book "Wasted" created by Filipino comic artist Gerry Alanguilan, paved way on to their first step to success. The band was nominated as Best New Artist for NU 107's Rock Awards for this particular song. ...
"The Dance." Luckily, that it was also nominated for the MTV Viewer's Choice Awards under the Best New Artist category.

Listen to THE DANCE 
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the dance
music and lyrics by Barbie Almalbis

would you be interested in dancing with me? and maybe tell me all your dreams talk to me like you would in your sleep don't censor anything cause i wanna hear everything there's no innocence left to spoil you can swear she's not a little boy we'll fly tonight so far away where they will never find us use your wings and i will run fast cause that's what i do when i'm not afraid we've got it made up in our heads we don't have to wait for anyone or anything go anywhere we desire so close your eyes become blind from the world listen instead to the girl she's tell you why she chose to fly and you're left behind just like me alone and free we can smile when we've filled the void and treated the burn but until then i believe we're gonna have to learn to discard any disguise we're using yes it's hard and it's never amusing so close your eyes...

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Photo by Jim Ayson
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