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Wednesday, January 31, 2001 
A huge update on my main site! I've just uploaded a bunch of new artwork on it. Some of it I have already linked here but there are a couple I haven't.
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I've just gotten through a strange sickness over the weekend. It felt like I had a fever, but I didn't have a temperature. I had a cold which felt like it wanted to come out, but it didn't. But I did have a sore throat. And a canker sore. "Singaw" we call it. Having a canker sore really sucks. It's hard to eat. Hard to lick my lips. Can't even kiss my girl. But thank goodness I didn't cough. Coughing really sucks. When I catch it, it takes MONTHS to get rid of it. It makes everything else feel worse. I also had a headache that just won't go away. I was working on my 6 pager for Unbound Comics but I just had to stop. Thank goodness they extended the deadline by two weeks. I could have still finished everything by my Jan. 31 deadline, but it would have been a pain and I might have not done a good job of it. Mornings were bad because that was the time I felt the worst. Thank God I feel a whole lot better upon waking today. I think I can at least start drawing again. 
As for that sore throat, that one was a strange thing. The pain concentrated itself on only one spot in my throat after a few days and won't go away. The pain was starting to affect my right ear somewhat because it was starting to get painful as well. It didn't affect my hearing though. Last night I just got pissed. I cleaned my hands over and over. I jammed my hand in my throat trying to find that painful spot. My finger was in there for only a second before I felt like I was going to throw up. But I think I felt something there. A small lump. A lump which got dislodged and moved further down my throat, until it was finally gone, most likely into the stomach. And all of a sudden, the pain was gone, and the pain in my ear was gone. Could I have swallowed something that got stuck in there? It certainly felt like a pill I had tried to take several days ago. Eew.
In the meantime, I was able to catch a lot of movies on TV. The best one among them was "Legend of 1900", starring Tim Roth, one of my most favorite actors. It's a story of a man who was born and raised in a luxury cruise ship. He was born in 1900 so he was named "1900". He has never set foot on land for his entire life. He is also a prodigy, able to play the piano beautifully the first time he encounters one when he was 8. The movie was terribly moving in it's telling, but towards the end, I found myself arguing with 1900 about his philosophy in life. Catch it whenever you can.
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Sunday, January 21, 2001 
I feel proud to be a Filipino today. The morning after 11 senators prevented the truth from being told, I was so angry, so frustrated, that I immediately set off for EDSA. It was around 12 noon when I arrived, and there were probably some 10 thousand people already there, who was angry and frustrated as I was. Looking at everyone with hands raised and voices hoarse, I realized I was part of something bigger than myself, bigger than the crowd, bigger than anything I could imagine. The following day the crowd had swelled to a hundred thousand, then 300 thousand, and by the 4th night, more than a million people had gathered. Angry that it was spurned, truth came out and struck everyone who had imprisoned it with a vengeance. It was Tremendous. Terrific. Humbling. At the end of it all I was a poor sobbing mess. Miracles still do happen. The past few days were undeniable proof of it. 
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Wednesday, January 17, 2001 
I'm terribly disappointed at how the Impeachment Trial turned out today. Damned disappointed. 11 people prevented the truth from coming out today, and for that may their souls rot in hell. I finished this drawing as the trial closed for today. About time I guess.
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Wednesday, January 10, 2001 
It's been a while since I've been here, huh? It's finally the New Year and we're all still here! No stray bullets this time, which is great. The first thing I noticed as soon as January 1 arrived was how cold it was in the morning. Yaaay! At last! This is one of the things I had been waiting for all year. It's late, but I'm glad nevertheless that it arrived at all. I certainly hope the cold front sticks around for a while.
First things first. I'm getting married! Well, not for a while yet, actually. Not until late next year. But what with how fast time flies, that time will be here in no time at all. It seems strange for me to say that. Getting married. Just a few years ago it would have been a crazy idea. A stupid idea even. I'd sooner eat my own foot than get married. I mean, ME? Tying the knot? It was unthinkable. And yet here I am. And it feels just right.
So in the light of this, I hope those girls who think I'm interested in them to ditch it out of their minds. You know, I've been always been very comfortable being friends with women. I've been that way ever since school. I'm just being nice, you know, but some girls think that just because I throw a compliment here and there, and give them some kind of attention, they think I'm interested. And then avoid me like the plague. It happened so many times before. Could it be my fault? Am I being too nice? Am I according more attention that what is deemed normal? Well, sorry.
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