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Avalon Studios
This is the comics company that  I'm currently working for. 
The first book out of this company is called STONE and it is probably the 
first internationally released comic book that is set wholly in the Philippines and 
features all Filipino characters. 
IT is drawn by Whilce Portacio and it is inked by myself. 
Stone #1 shall be released in August at your favorite comic book stores. 
Reserve your copies now, people! If you are a Filipino, consider it your
sacred duty to get one!! Tell your friends! Let's make this the #1 comic book
out there!
Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!
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Deranged Comics is the name of the group of comic books
that I have published myself, from writing to drawing to lay-outing
to photocopying and ultimately distributing and hopefully, selling. 
So far, I've come up with 4 titles; Wasted,The Dead Heart,
Crest Hut Butt Shop and Timawa. Click on the icons on the 
left to find out just what they're all about!
I do all these comics just for fun and during my free time.
Professionally, I draw honest to goodness mainstream Comic Books!
I've done lots of stuff for Wildstorm Productions as an inker on 
comic books like Wetworks 14, Grifter 10 and Hazard.
.To find out all the stuff I've worked on before, check out my Comics Resume.
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