How to Get to San Pablo City from Manila by Bus

If you are travelling by BUS, it's simple!

Go to bus terminals at Cubao behind Ali Mall, or Kamias, or Buendia, or just
wait along any point along Edsa and wait for the bus to pass by.

The bus you need to take will be labelled

The ride will take around 2 to 3 hours depending on traffic.

Tell the conductor to let you down at:

Once there, ride a tricycle and tell them to bring you to

Once you get there, you will see this view of Sampalok Lake:

I'll be designating our meeting areas as
AREA A and AREA B, and AREA C.

Area A is Doña Leonila Park
just beside the top of the stairs.
You don't need to go down the steps.
The Park is the huge area to the left of the stairs,
beside the Municipal Hall.

Just roam around this park and look for us. There's no
set place where we meet, we just hang out where it's cool and unoccupied.

For areas B and C, go down the stairs:

OK, now once you get to the bottom, the lake will
be in front of you. You will be standing on a cemented road that goes
completely around the lake.

The Komikeros meet in various places along this road
but we really don't hang out more than 800 meters
from that point below the stairs.

Going to the LEFT will take you to Area B.

You will see this:

From here starts a series of parks that dot the shores
of the lake. The Komikeros hang out at
THIS particular park most of the time.

But sometimes we go much farther. THIS park below is the farthest one
along this road. This view looks at the park from the opposite side of the road.
Don't go any further. There are no more parks beyond this one so far.

OK, for AREA C
go back to the stairs.

At the bottom facing the lake,
Going to the RIGHT will take you to Area C

This area will be much more populated by people, but if you walk much further, possibly
500 meters much further, you will get to THIS point.

It looks like a nice place to sit and sketch.
From this point to the other furthest point may well be 1 kilometer.
Just look for us at any point along the road between these two