WASTED COVER by Gerry Alanguilan

Wasted is a story that I had written and drawn in 8 parts
as a photocopied mini-comic, beginning in 1994 and concluding in 1996. It told the story of ERIC, an ordinary guy who became victim of injustice and then ultimately rejected by the love of his life.
With nothing more to lose, Eric prowls the streets of the city, heartbroken, crazy and angry, looking for a way to die. God help anyone who gets in his way.

Alamat Comics compiled the 8 issues into one volume in 1998 and that first run quickly ran out. In 2001, Wasted was serialized in PULP Magazine Philippines. This year PULP will publish a new edition of the book.

The new edition will feature introductions by Karen Kunawicz and Barbie Almalbis. It will also feature pin ups by Whilce Portacio, Leinil Francis Yu, Roy Allan Martinez, Philip Tan, Edgar Tadeo, Arnold Arre and Marissa Hilos Nepomuceno.

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Wasted is @2002 Gerry Alanguilan