WASTED by Gerry Alanguilan

A recent graphic novel of note, by Filipino writer/artist Gerry Alanguilan. A marvellous little black book of lost  love, unhinged hatred for everything everywhere, and  making things right using only guns. Early work by a potentially brilliant creator. 

Not sure how you can get hold of it, but an email to Gerry at timawa@laguna.net should shed some light on the  matter -- tell him I sent you.
Transmetropolitan, Plantery, Authority

by Alanguilan;

While inking for Wildstorm and Top Cow, Gerry Alanguilan has published this stunning 100-page treatment of rage and despair. Tightly scripted and drawn in lovely, clear, black and white linework, it is both extremely violent and very sensitive. One of the best comics I have seen this year. Somebody give this man his own series, immediately.
Comics International, April 1998

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Wasted is @2002 Gerry Alanguilan